Allotment time

As it is spring it is time to start seeing things grow at the allotment.
This time we have a schedule and my thoughts are if it really pays off to grow your own veg. In the end there are quite a few things you need, tools, seeds and the time and effort.
I got my answer on Saturday when I bought a bunch of rhubarb, this was forced rhubarb and I could not resist the first of the season! When I came to the allotment my own had not only come up but it was ripe and ready to harvest. A quick look at the receipt from the shop confirmed, it really does pay off. Paying £10 for a bunch of rhubarb is a lot of money but shows me that I should always check the allotment before shopping.
It is not only the monetary value it is so very satisfying to get the hands dirty and see tiny seeds grow in to the most amazing foods in front of your eyes. This year we have planted lots and fingers crossed for a good summer and a big harvest! This is the time of the year when I would consider going vegetarian.
So, the first recipe of the year will be rhubarb liqueur, hopefully to be followed by many more!
About 5 good size stalks of Rhubarb
About 1 cm of ginger peeled and cut in 2
Slice the rhubarb and place in sterilised large jar, add the ginger mixed in and cover with vodka. Let stand for about 2 weeks, in the sunshine if possible.
Sieve the liquid in to a clean bottle, add about 1½ dl of syrup and let stand for at least 1 month before drinking.
Enjoy on its own or as part of a delicious cocktail
🙂 P.

More lovely rhubarb recipes on


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