Parma ham salad without the parma ham – is that still parma ham salad?

I often go on business travels. Quite short ones most of the time and it always makes me giggle when people think it is glamorous.

The endless waiting at airports, hotels of all sorts, if you are lucky it is  a nice hotel and if you are unlucky you are stuck for the night in a room the sie of a shoe box. Once I had to walk past the “shower” to get to the toilet as the bathroom as so narrow, this means as soon as you had a shower, the whole bathroom as soaked.

Last night I stayed in an hotel that had old time charm, slightly tired but nice big rooms and a very friendly staff. As I arrived late I was hungry and ordered aparma ham salad, this was supposed to be parma ham, olives, blue cheese and sun dried tomatoes, the salad was very nice but they had forgotten the parma ham and the olives. As they were so nice I actually did not say anything but quite interesting to forget the main ingredient.

At the end of the day this was my nicest meal, a quick sandwich at the airport and a challenging lunch with a client I felt I could not complain.

Business travel can be great but most of the time it is slugging it out, on your own and just making the best of where you are. 

In the UK news are still dominated by the MP’s expenses, it seems to be an endless well of greed to be reported and I think we are all grateful it has come to light, where, except working as an MP can you claim a Duckpond being installed? What employer would approve this for an employee? It is just one example but quite interesting, especially as they actually operate on tax payers money.

On Ireland the news is dominated by very sad news as more and more details and getting out about the poor children in the Church’s care, far worse stories than a bit of recession and put a distance to what is going on today. Victims, now old still scarred and never healed had a lifetime of traumatic memories that will always haunt them. I spoke to a man who said his parents always threatened him if he wasn’t nice he would be sent to the priests – how right they were!

So where is hope, and the glorious future that we all need a bit of when everything else seems so be greed and guilt ridden. Summer seems to be here and my suggestion is to arrange a summer picnic with friends and just enjoy the sunshine, even if it is just a day off!


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