Superfoods… and then the good stuff

As am closing in on yet another birthday was thinking about food, more specifically you are what you eat. And in this spirit I did a very brief promise to myself to not eat cheese for a month (not very successful), and bought another cookbook, Anti Ageing Foods, reading though this my main food would be tofu, egg whites and noodles, gone with the pasta, cream, butter, potatoes, red meats (most meats but chicken), in all I have a quite healthy diet but this is a whole new level and I realise that there is no room for that Sunday roast, or any alcohol either.

Easiest way would be to find the middle and every now and then have my cheese and Sunday roast but on weekdays without any particular events or outings, simply be more healthy. Saying this, and having practiced it as much as possible I still have not gotten myself to where I most of all need to be, the gym! So late this afternoon, hopefully the gym and then a healthy and low alcohol dinner out – it is time to change.

This past weekend went on a cooking course, Italian foods, lots of talk about being healthy (a lot of fish) but the whole course ended with a very large and very very boozy long lunch, so even the good thoughts were sort of lost in a happy haze on the way home.  Sobering up the following day however I did exchange the bacon for bresaola and the melted butter for some extra virgin olive oil so perhaps am on just the right track!

The best experience with the course was that I actually made it to Billinsgate, the big London fish market. There was no time to actually buy anything but I had time to browse and for sure aim to fill the freezer with more fish than meat and then might not have to eat quite so much tofu!


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