Search for the perfect low calorie spread

All bread needs spread to bring out the flavours, no matter what you put on them. The spread doesn’t have to be butter and I have found 2 tasty treats that can be used alone or with protein (such as ham), 1 for dark rye bread and one for any toasted bread (best on whole wheat)

For dark rye bread, inspired by my fellow foodie Sus and tweaked slightly – Tomato delight

1 tub Philadelphia extra light, tomato puree (about ½-1 tub), 1 large or 2 small garlic cloves & chilli type sambal olek or a fresh chilli to taste. Mix everything and spread! Even better with thinly sliced leek on top!

For the toast, green and very fresh – spinach spread

1 small bag of fresh spinach, ½ bag natural cashew nuts, 2 garlic cloves, core removed, parsley, pepper, whizz in the blender and add rapeseed or olive oil until you have a smooth paste.

The spinach spread also works very well as a filling to chicken breasts or with pasta, not much else is needed.

On a not to healthy note I also went on a search for the perfect pork crackling and have now developed a fool proof way to make a crackling that no one can refuse, best served with oriental spices on the meat and home made plum sauce, have to save that for a very special occasion!

Easter around the block and need to start thinking about french haut cuisine. Did read my latest acquired cookbook and wondered how I ca live without an exact meat/fish thermometer so now will go in search for those perfect temperatures and see how this improves the taste. I bought a free range very expensive chicken and will start there – should be very interesting.


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