Let food take time

Pizza, a curry, the chippie… sometimes when we are on the run this is the perfect food, some fuel to keep us going, but every now and then it is important to slow down and have a proper meal, to cook from scratch and then take time to enjoy it. At least once every weekend I try to cook a big home-made meal, I can feel the weeks stress and pressure melt away already at the planning stage, what to cook, what goes with what and let food slow cook to bring out all the flavours.

Planned for this weekend is chicken, tonight I will buy a free range organic chicken and put it in brine until Saturday and then slow cook it in the oven with citrus fruits, garlic and herbs. I will let the chicken cool and serve the meat cold with a spring potato salad and  a warm sauce made from the juices of the chicken and red wine. I will also make chicken stock and use this as a base for a hearty Monday night soup.

A good weekend ahead  with slow cooked food and plenty of time to contemplate the future


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