The perfect chicken?

I am looking to cook my chicken this weekend, the whole weekend is dedicated to cooking, chicken and chocolate truffles are on the menu, truffles to be sent off to friends but chicken for me!

I have placed the chicken in a  24 hr brine as previously mentioned, and tomorrow it will dry off and I will place truffle butter under the skin and roast it. It is a complete experiment and am still not sure if I should add herbs or not, as I would like the truffle together with the chicken flavour to be dominant so might opt for nothing but this. I would like to slow cook the chicken, perhaps over night and serve it cold with roast mini potatoes, roasted in rapeseed oil for crispness and to also make the meal as low-fat as possible.

Options found 135 C for 4½ hours – perhaps this is the closest I will come, clearly need to consult my cookbooks about this as they have the perfect temperature and might use that as a guide line instead

Once the chicken is cooked and cooled it will be deboned and the bones will be the base of a stock, to be reduced, fat removed and cooled off  and let to jelly. If it jellies ok I will use this to make a pork pie. What a great foodie weekend!


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