Wild Garlic time!

As I am watching the weather forecast today and se snow on the way I really hope this won’t last as I picked the first wild garlic of the year today!

But fist thing first, was the chicken THE perfect chicken? Cook for almost a whole weekend I can’t say that it was worth it time wise, I have a recipe for chinese chicken, brushed with toasted sesame seed oil and cooked over time, faster and much easier. What did work amazingly well was the chicken and the truffle together, the delicate flavour of the chicken and the earthy truffle flavour is a marriage made in heaven!

Today is about wild garlic, and I found it in an abundance in the forest. I love to forage for food and it always surprises me that not more people do it, it is free, it is there and it is a great way to get out and get closer to nature. The wild garlic is tender and young just gorgeous. I picked enough to wilt some with dinner but also to make a wild garlic pesto, it has a big kick and will be lovely with a big bowl of pasta!

I took wild garlic, toasted cashew nuts and rapeseed oil, Mellow Yellow (my favourite) and put in a blender until a smooth paste, then I put it in a jar and covered with more oil, healthy and full of flavour, served with any meat will be a treat, even mixed with butter for a herb/garlicky flavour melting over hot meat!


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