An Easter Food Fest

After much thought and many changes the Easter foodie feast is over, still not sure if I am ever going to be hungry again actually, we made it through 8 courses and I even managed half a truffle in the end!

It was a formidable menu, supposedly inspired by the French cuisine

  • Deep fried courgettes with garlic mayo
  • Asparagus soup with langoustines
  • Quails Egg salad with grainy mustard and prosciutto ham
  • Salmon with wild garlic aioli
  • Fish pie
  • Truffle chicken with roast garlic mayo
  • Roast quail
  • Chocolate pudding

Here is where it ended, we managed some truffles as well in front of a bonfire late at night and had to pass on the white chocolate and calvados souffle

Interesting was the techniques as this was supposed to be a challenge and push ourselves regarding cooking. I did a tasty broth, used as a base for the asparagus soup, giving it more depth and flavour. After having read up on various stock recipes I chose a Heston Blumenthal inspired one that of course requires a lot of time on your hands! But well worth it.

Chicken stock:

  • chicken wings
  • gammon (fat removed and chopped up)
  • carrot
  • onion
  • selleri
  • pepper corns
  • bay leafs

I used half the ingredients and simmered for 1½ hour, sieved, added the remaining stock ingredients and did the same thing, after 1½ hour I sieved again and added chopped ginger, chilli and star anise and boiled for another 1½ hour. The flavour was amazing and the sting from the chilli and the ginger was there but not too pronounced – just adding the extra zing

The food was washed down with vintage prosecco and plenty of wine and the evening ended on front of a bonfire and some contemplating of life and being happy and with great friends, Easter doesn’t get much better than this!


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