Summer liqueurs and the first rhubarb

 The first rhubarb has finally come up after the warm week we had. I didn’t do any crumble but got very excited and promptly set liqueurs for the summer. I did the same last year and it was wonderful to sit outside in the summer evening and sip liqueurs as the sun was setting.

I did have set 5 different kinds and will make the best one next year again, some pure experimental. I did one last year with golden syrup and it was not very nice at first but this year it does start to taste better so guess will keep it until next year and hope that it will be even better then! However this year I have done the following combinations:

• Rhubarb and lemon

• Rhubarb and raspberries

• Raspberries and lemon

• Passion fruit and chilli

 • Blackcurrant

They should be ready in a couple of months, I have never tried raspberries or passion fruit before so am keen to have a taste and I hope that the chilli will not be too strong. I had another idea for a dinner party with cocktails and canapés, to avoid getting totally stuffed, the idea needs more thought.

One Response to “Summer liqueurs and the first rhubarb”
  1. lina says:

    haha later jatte gott !! 😉

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