Barbecue meat feast extraordinaire

There is nothing in the summer that is so lovely as a barbecue, together with good friends we decided to do a meat feast, there was some seafood but am getting ahead of myself

The evening started out with a red currant mojito, allotment grown red currants made to a syrup infused with mint, mixed with rum, lime and soda water, a taste of summer!

The menu was ambitious and the aim pretty much to  cover all meats so it looked like this

Chilled Avocado soup shots with spicy breadcrumbs

Fish kebab (failed to take a proper picture) but it was monkfish, mahi, mahi, tuna and prawns on a coconut and coriander marinade served with a wonderful salad of roast butternut squash, feta cheese and beetroot

Beef salad, aged rib eye steak served warm on a bed of rocket and parmesan shavings, on top truffle butter and olive oil, a pinch of salt & pepper

Also served with Lisa’s famous (and most likely one of the best ever) potato salads!

We got some help with eating the beef as it became a rather large portion by two carnivores who kept a watchful eye on the food for us!

Mini burgers, mini chorizo with a insalata tricolore

After that we did slow down and chicken next in line, chicken thighs marinated in ginger, just heavenly. Quite full after this and in need of a break we decided to slow cook the three-day marinated lamb on the barbecue – needless to say this was a perfect meal for dinner the day after!

However there is always room for something sweet, and as it was a gluttonous time we managed to apply some restraint and decided to go for only two out of three desserts. We had lovely blueberry tarts, filled with rich Jersey cream and healthy (!) blueberries

To follow we had chocolate mousse topped with caramel cream and a sprinkle of black pepper praline

After this feast, all accompanied with more mojitos and large quantities of happy rose wine we finished a (small) bottle of delicious ice wine, if you have never tried it, it is available online from for example here

Full, a bit tipsy and very happy – this must have been one of the best barbecues so far!


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