A food day, time for food thoughts

I woke up this morning, for the first time in a very long time I woke up a Saturday morning without any plans and any stress. It was a truly liberating feeling as it is so rare. I allowed myself to stay in bed thinking about foods and what I would love to have for dinner, without a doubt I did fancy a lamb green curry, too lazy to go to the butcher I did take some succulent salt march lamb from the freezer and headed for the shops.

I found everything for a thai green curry but lemon grass so I substituted it for kaffir limeleaves, it worked just fine!

I also had mangos and did my first mango chutney, with chilli so it has a bit of fire but it still has the sweetness of the mangos. I cant wait to try them with popadoms, or with a curry! The gooseberry chutney was wonderful with cold meat.

I snacked on fresh radishes sprinkled with sea salt, had several helpings of the curry and I did a lasagna, it looks amazing but should be saved for a proper sunday dinner with a leafy salad.

As I found some ripe and lovely passionfruit I did set a passion fruit liqueur, the windowsill is full of jars filled with fruit and berries, lending its lovely tastes to the vodka, slowly getting ready, in a year, if they last that long it will taste wonderful and will make for some fun evenings shared with friends!


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