Back to nature & the beautiful Swedish summer

Having spent a week in Sweden is does make me feel slightly nostalgic and if the Swedish summer is good, there are no better place to be! The heat was tropical, the nights light just about all the way through, lovely friends and the super fresh seafood and mouth-watering barbecues.

I picked elderflowers and made elderflower mojitos, mixed with Captain Morgans Rum, a perfect drink whilst waiting for the barbecue. It was time to have a dip in the pool, swim in the river/lake/sea – the swedes are big on spending time outdoor as soon as the weather allows., carefully taking care of and appreciating every opportunity

3 hours of canoeing on a river was amazing, something that everyone can appreciate and with a packed lunch of hot smoked trout, and oil based potato salad and refreshing watermelon to end it, all accompanied by a cold beer on a very hot day makes life feel pretty good!

The Swedish west coast is at it’s very best in the summer, walking along the marina to check the boats out, enjoying the freshest seafood around and pure people watching makes for a very close to perfect afternoon.

There was the evening spent by the river when it was so hot even at 10 at night everyone, the dogs included thought a swim is the only way to cool down. The woods were overflowing with natures own food, gorgeous butter yellow chanterelle mushrooms, tempting blueberries and perfectly sweet and ripe wild strawberries, too good to do anything but simply pick and pop straight in to your mouth!

To spend your summer holiday might not be the most obvious place but when the weather is good, there is no better place, oh did I say that already?! 🙂

One Response to “Back to nature & the beautiful Swedish summer”
  1. lina :) says:

    du får det att låta som utomlands ^^ Men de va det ju nästan 🙂 fina bilder du måste skicka dem så kan du få mina! hoppas du kommer snart igen,
    kramar ❤

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