Summer bounty from the allotment, a seafood dinner menu and liqueurs

The summer is wonderful and even a 5 rod (not sure what that is in metres) allotment makes us almost self-sufficient for vegetables.

This year, wise from previous years we grow less of everything and rather put seeds in and harvest twice than all at the same time. However it still doesn’t stop us from having to be very creative with courgettes, cucumbers and beans that just come in a multitude and all at the same time. The artichoke season is almost over ut this year some of it was pickled and we can keep it for a few months. I did the same with some of the garlic and I will also try some charlotten onions, it should be interesting.

Some of the liqueurs are also ready and it looks very pretty in their bottles, my favourites so far are the blackcurrant vodka but also the raspberry and lemon and passionfruit and chili!

I did a very healthy dish of courgette, cut in to think strips and eaten with a tomato sauce, using the courgettes instead of pasta, it makes for a very light dish but some protein to go with it is always good.

So for the seafood dinner, some thoughts to write down:

Langoustines, it is seafood time and a starter could be langousitines gently simmered in dill and spice infused beer served with aioli for dipping

Lobster risotto, I did see a wonderfully inspired risotto dish with lobster, just need to find a way to make it slightly less heavy as it has butter and heavy cream in plenty, I bet it tasted just wonderful!

I would also make a small trio of tasters (perhaps to be served before or instead of the risotto) with 3 different coloured fish, tuna, cod and salmon served with different compliments to match the flavours, need to have a think but perhaps something like this

sesame crusted tuna with wasabi and super light mash, cod pan-fried with chorizo and asian salmon with oyster sauce and bok choy

dessert, not sure yet but will have a think. On the other hand the butcher might have something spectacular on sale and I might go for part meat, more to come on this.

Meanwhile time to pig out on beetroots, courgettes, marrow, chard and the sweetcorn is not far off now!


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