Chutney experiments

I had found, and modified a mango chutney recipe. A friend has a cooking apple tree and has promised me apples and it looks beautiful.  In return for apple and mango chutney… and I assume whatever else I can think of making as well!

I did think about apple liqueur and was thinking perhaps apple and cinnamon liqueur but it needs to be thought about. Meanwhile I can wait for my strawberry and lime liqueur, I just gave it a little shake and it looks beautiful. Anyway this is about chutney.

So armed with ideas of a hot chutney I set off to get some mangoes, of course, I could not find a single one despite going to no less than three different stores. What I could find was pineapple, it was beautiful and ripe and I decided to use this instead as it has the same natural sweetness.

I did a paste using spices and added this to my fruit mix, excluding the suggested sultanas and adding some additional spices and vinegar. I brought it all to boil and let is simmer. Adding a bit more sugar as the chutney is simmering until it is ready, it is full of flavours. I can taste the sweetness of the pineapple, the hotness of the chilli and all the other spices and I know pineapple was a good choice!

I did a mango chutney before but didn’t use enough spices, it was more like the one I get at my local curry house that tastes sweet, not spicy at all but it was great with my spicy lasagna, maybe needed that extra help!

The gooseberry chutney did a l better and I wonder why it is not more common, delicious with cold meat

My latest craving is pancakes and to match this I did a strawberry and chili jam, the prefect combination, still haven’t been home long enough to make the pancakes but maybe this weekend!

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