It is all about Blackberries!

Blackberries are normally quite boring and slightly sour when you buy them in the shop, usually they are not quite ripe yet. It is blackberry season so no excuses to actually buy any. I went picking some this weekend and there were so many and they were so ripe I couldn’t stop picking! I could even smell them as I approached and I ate loads whilst filling my bucket. I got so tempted I actually did pick a whole bucket (with some help!) and I didn’t realise quite how much I had until I was home and it was time to take care of them all!

I did an encore of one of last years favourite liqueurs, blackberry and vanilla and it already looks wonderful! But even filling a massive jar there were still loads of berries so I made a blackberry and lemon grass concentrate, I was thinking of making a blackberry mousse for dessert on Saturday and see how that works out. I did a coulis base and put in the freezer, it should be perfect with most things, but perhaps best with chocolate fondants and slightly whipped cream. The rest was made in to jam, as the berries were so ripe and the taste sensational I didn’t add anything more than a little sugar to taste and am now ready to perhaps make blackberry jam cookies, strange thought as I actually never really bake but might be worth while, perhaps in order to not gain too much weight I should bake them and give them away!

So it was a blackberry weekend and not much else, once all berries cleaned and processed – one way or another, all I managed in addition was a jar of cherry jam.   Pretty much after that the weekend was over and now time for head down and get some more work done!


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