Blackened seabass in a trio of fish for dinner

This Saturday I had some friends over for dinner and as per previous blog I just had to cook fish.

I did the sesame crusted tuna with wasabi butter, a great combination but next time might try citrus flavoured tuna, I need to think about how that would work.

I did a salmon with lots of spices, hot and sweet chili sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce, chili, garlic, ginger, just cooked through.

The third fish was sea bass, I saw them at the fishmongers and super fresh it had to be done. I did blackened sea bass, I found the original Nobu recipe, headed to Chinatown to buy ingredients that I thought was right as it is all in chinese! But it seemed to have worked and the only thing I didn’t have enough time to marinate, I used as much time as I could but the originally says 24 hr and next time I will plan a bit better and get the fish sooner, but never easy to make it on time to the fish shop on a working day. The taste was there but admittedly I am light years behind when it comes to presentation!

The original plan was to serve it  with buckwheat noodles but it didn’t seem to fit so i changed it to a hot and sour salad. The salad normally has grapefruit in it but I replaced this with mango and to balance the sweetness I added extra lime juice and extra ginger. There was also red pepper, red chilli, tomberries – tiny sweet and tasty tomatoes, julienned cucumber and the rice noodles, all coated with the hot and sour dressing, the mango worked a treat!

For dessert i used some of the blackberries I picked and jamified, made in to a light mousse, aiming for this jam and cream flavour, topped with grated 100% coco, very bitter chocolate and sugar to add a crunchy texture, and served with a blackberry a vanilla liqueur.

The allotment is just amazing, so much food, I have a big bunch of beetroot to pickle, I have a brine that has infused for a couple of weeks with all the spices and now just need to boil the beets, and as am going for it do the runner beans as well, time pickle!


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