Bank holiday weekend of foods!

The bank holiday weekend was a lot about food. Had some friends over for dinner Saturday. It is August time and the allotment is full of the most lovely foods.

Friends over for dinner:

We started with a kale soup, with small cubes of gammon and quail eggs, quail eggs are yummy, very  fiddly to peel but well worth the effort. For main course I had made slow roast shoulder of lamb, it cooked for 7 hours and it melted in the mouth! I did a garlic mash and a hot and sour salad, with the sour to help balance the richness of the lamb. The desert was Pavlova with caramel cream mixed with blueberries and with a drizzle of strawberry and chili jam.

The Chutney

I got some plums and cooking apples from a friend. I had a look at the plums and then a taste, they were quite sour so I decided to make a chutney, just like my friend had done. I have so many tomatoes ripening on the vine, but most of the green so threw a few in there as well, it was a perfect compliment to the plums.

The sun dried tomatoes and courgettes:

There are lots of tomatoes that are ripe and every year I like to make my own sun dried tomatoes, this year I added some courgettes and it worked a treat! A big tray of tomatoes and courgettes are put in the oven to dry

When it comes out of the oven I put them in garlic, oil and herbs. A whole tray amounts to something quite small, but it is jam-packed with flavor!


No weekend at this time of year is complete without some food foraging, nature is full of berries and fruits to be picked. I had my heart set on rose hip, but it is too early so I quickly got caught up picking hawthorn berries, there were so many and so wonderful I didn’t mind getting stuck on the evil thorns!

As a great surprise there were 2 apple trees with very sweet and ripe apples, one has become apple sauce and will end up in the freezer for winter dinners to come!

The sloe berries I picked a few weekends ago is infusing with the gin  the blackberries liqueur is brewing, What seems to be everyone’s favourite is the passion fruit and chilli liqueur with the raspberry one as a close second

The kitchen is starting to look like the lab of a mad person, the freezer is getting  full but I managed to find room for another liqueur experiment, sour apples and lime, fingers crossed it might become another favourite!

2 Responses to “Bank holiday weekend of foods!”
  1. mike jarvis says:

    Amazing …..

  2. Charuwan says:

    Sounds yummy more pictures please 🙂

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