Post Rugby dinner

It is finally time for the Rugby season to kickoff and what is better than heading home from Twickenham to a house smelling wonderful of meat slow cooking in the oven?
I was thinking need to prepare as much as possible and then last-minute put a last hand at the food and being almost ready to sit down when we come back home.
I know that there are 2 things very high up on the list of favourites for one of my guests, chilli in food and cheesecake for dessert, so with this in mind, here we go


toast Skagen, easy to prepare and simply make the toast before we sit down

main course:
slow roast pork belly with crackling (it is one of my favourites!), rubbed with garlic, chilli and spices served with veg from the allotment and apple chutney made of apples from Rupert’s garden!
caramel cream cheesecake with berries and jam
then later:  Exotic fruits to ease the digestion

Might change my mind but it might just work, almost everything can be pre prepared and pulled together at the last-minute. Was thinking of making a pork shoulder but I need lots more time for that. Just heard some good news, a butcher is set up open where we live and can’t wait! It will just make it so much easier!

Guests, please come hungry!! 🙂 pics to follow!

One Response to “Post Rugby dinner”
  1. Christina says:

    It sounds just wonderful and I can’t wait for Saturday now. Will come starving and we will bring plenty of wine 🙂 xxx

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