Post Rugby Dinner II

It worked a treat, I still would like to have cooked pork shoulder, perhaps next weekend.

I flavoured the prawns with a hint of garlic and scallions and served it on toast as a starter

For the main course I gave the pork belly a dry rub and slow cooked it i the oven or hours, it made it super tender and just about ready to eat after the main course. I spent quite a lot of time doing my research, what temperature should I have the oven on? Most recipes said 110 C, but then it would cook too fast and I love when the fat melts and flavours the meat so I ended up with a temperature of 100 and added almost two hours cooking time, perfect!

With the meat I roasted potatoes and butternut squash, I did a salad flavoured with ginger and lime to balance the richness of the meat. To give it something sweet I also served apple and red wine jelly.

Washed down with lovely red wine we were ready for the experimental dessert, the caramel cheesecake. I had never done one before but am crazy about caramel flavour, caramel cream is lovely and as cheesecake is on top of one of the guests list I had to give it a go! I flavoured it with blueberries and it was a hit! I will for sure do it again!

The desert was washed down with various liqueurs and after that some fruit and a movie, everyone too dazed to make a move other than to bed, it was a lovely evening!

….and oh yes, the game, a draw – can’t complain!


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