Hot sauce anyone?

I have a wonderful bounty of chillies at the allotment and I was thinking of what to do with them. I have decided that hot sauce would be one of the options. One of my largest chilli plants is the hot cayenne and having read up it might not be quite necessary to use a pound of them in one batch! It might provoke fire breath!!

I also have regular chillies, medium hot, but, perhaps the surprise is a very aromatic Satan’s Kiss chillies, more similar to a cherry tomato in shape and the smell is a delicate yet very distinct chilli, I should make 2 different hot sauces and compare the results.

After studying a variation of recipes I might do a citrus and chilli hot sauce, should be enough to be hot but also bring a tang of citrus to it, perhaps this weekend. I also thought if I make hot sauce to whom could I give it, maybe it will make good xmas pressies. More to come but it’s going to be a hot fall!


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