A weekend in Brighton where calories doesn’t count!

It might not be true but heading towards sunny Brighton and a hen weekend this attitude seemed to be the best possible one! No guilt about the food and hmmm… a bit of excessive wine drinking!

Friday evening and time to head to Brighton and celebrate a friend getting married! All bags blissfully clean of L plates, cheap veils and inflated and ready to wear (as decoration) condoms! Instead we took the sensible route of food and drink excess and a proper chilled out girlie time!

The first night everyone arrived at different times and we decided to have finger foods, cheese included of course! Ready to eat and always nice to share!

We were also treated to burlesque cup cakes, just amazing baking skills and adorable! Thank you Becci!

The following morning we had a lazy brunch made from blueberry pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, the flat smelled wonderful and it set us up for the day! Not much more cooking and no amazing seafood this time but it is not always necessary!

Off to the days’ activities, drinks and a visit to Brighton pier, after that dinner and a club until the early hours of the morning. The flat was right by the sea and amazing to pull the curtains and look out at the sea! The weather was gorgeous, the weekend was a mix of fun, food, drinks and celebrations! In Brighton, where holiday is in the air and no calories counts – perfect!


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