Truffled Chicken and allotment veg

My last try to make the best ever chicken was so so(I worked on it for 2 days), the chicken was lovely but the long cooking time didn’t quite deliver an amazing difference so I am now making a new attempt.

I have bought chicken fillets that I have in brine for 3 days. The they will be butterflied, filled with truffle butter, rolled and steamed.

To go with it I will have roast new potatoes and butternut squash puree, the last butternut squash of the year, I will grow 3 times as many next year!!!

It worked a treat! I served it with grated turnip with a citrus dressing and a hint of parsely and home made apple jelly. The green is the first picked leek and a few brussel sprouts from the allotment! I will for sure serve this to friends – dinner anyone?

No food plans besides that, I picked the last of the rosehip and the hawthorn berries were gone as well, there  might be some wild apples still, so not much foraging but there is still lots of chestnuts, but I am not quite sure what to do with them if I pick so many and it is so easy to be carried away!

The allotment has moved on to the winter veg and it is time to rescue the remaining chillies, tomatoes and I wonder if the spring onions survived the first frost! I will see tomorrow, might get some herbs for the freezer as well. We have moved on to the brussel sprouts, lovely and tender and so nice roasted, savoy cabbage and 2 kinds of kale, curly kale being one of my absolute favourites. There are also turnips, I love them grated raw with a citrus dressing.

I am pickling some of the last beets, making a spicy vinegar

A friend of mine gave me some crabapple jelly, I had a craving for chicken livers – it doesn’t happen very often so I thought I would indulge. I pan-fried them in a bit of oil, the added some mirin and soy sauce and reduced the liquid. I ate it on toast with crabapple and chilli jelly and it was delicious and sorted my craving for perhaps another year! Lots of big flavours.

I also got some extra apples and made some apple vodka, works a treat with soda water and I bet it would be even better with some crushed mint leaves, ice and lime! Time for a drink!


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