And Richard Corrigan said “yum yum”

No, I did not have Richard Corrigan over for dinner but I did go to Love Cooking and he was there cooking. If Love Cooking is on next year I will for sure go again!There is something about a man, larger than life cooking such delicate dishes with amazing finesse, tasting away with a happy “yum yum” when he achieved the tastes he wanted! He cooked one of his signature dishes, stuffed baby squid. Stuffed with feta cheese and chorizo – my friend and myself looked at it and thought we must have a dinner soon and try it out for ourselves, and wash it down with large quantities of nice wine!

Wild Apple and rosehip jelly

I made a wonderful sweet wild apple and rosehip jelly, great taste of apple but with the rosehip to deliver that rounded flavour and much sweeter than the other apple jelly I have made from cooking apples.

Hot Sauce: Last weekend I also made a very hot hot sauce. I made it from beautiful cayenne peppers and some very local and truly English Bramley apples

It did work and the sauce might not kick you in to space but I am sure it will bring a kick to any dish

Last weekend I picked up a leg of saltmarsh lamb, I didn’t have the time to cook it traditionally so stuck it in the oven, studded with garlic and rosemary on low heat for 4 hours, it rested wrapped in tin foil for almost an hour and the flavours were amazing and the meat melt in your mouth! Needless to say it was served with apple jelly.

I still have beetroot at the allotment and as the ones I last pickled now have been standing for a few weeks I decided to taste them to make sure I got the pickling right and served the beetroot with meatballs and mash, the beetroot came out really nice, good acidity but not too sharp and the spices came through as just added warmth. 

What a lovely food week!


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