Moorish Morston mussels, fresh sea air and the Blakeney starry sky

There is something so soothing and almost mesmerizing about the sea, ever-changing and wonderful air to fill your lungs with and busy waterbirds everywhere, taking off, landing and scrabbling over whatever foods they just found.

On the way to Blakeney there was a bit of bad weather, but after the rain the sun came, and with the sunshine the most amazing rainbow, it was so close I am sure I could have just taken that road to the right and found a pot of gold!

On the way again Blakeney was not far off. I had rented a cottage for the weekend and the first thing I did once I picked up the key to the cottage was to head for a long walk on the marsh, it was very windswept and beautiful and once in the cosey cottage it was almost time for a nap!

For dinner there was no doubt what to eat, it had to be Morston mussels! Washed down with plenty of lovely wine in the company of  good friends. I have to admit I did fall asleep on the sofa as soon as I sat down! Not good company but slept wonderfully well and no one minded ( especially as I got to see the pics taken of me sleeping the next day!)  I did not have too much wine or was too tired to notice how clear and starry the sky was going back from the retaurant, somehow the stars seemed closer and brighter, together with the quietness it did feel like having stepped in to a bit if a fairytale.

There was time for a walk on a massive beach at Wells by the Sea, endless and sandy, the dogs went mad and ran like crazy having the best time!

I did have more mussels but also fish and gorgeous bacon from locally reared and happy free range (in the true sense) pigs!

As it is the season for shellfish I did salmon and scallops for dinner last weekend, served with truffled mash and pickled turnip (my latest favourite turnip recipe). The pickled turnip added some acidity but also crunch to the dish.

I did some foraging last weekend as well and found a tree full of lovely apples and then some late ripening rosehip, perfect for the last batch of apple and rosehip jelly, sweeter than the cooking apple jelly but the rosehip adds a rounded and softer flavour, very nice!

Speaking of rosehip I also set a rosehip liqueur, it is now ready to drink, the colour is amber and the taste so delicate, it will sit on the back of the shelf for very special occasions as I only did one batch, next year there will be more and I hope I can get it to taste the same again!

I love to forage and pick all kinds of berries. In Wells by the Sea I did come across sea buckthorn, I have never seen it before and was tempted to pick some as it is quite rare (at least where I live) but after having burst one and smelt it I left them where they were growing, I think it might be an acquired taste, but they looked very inviting.

One Response to “Moorish Morston mussels, fresh sea air and the Blakeney starry sky”
  1. Jess Littlemore says:

    It sounds as though you’ve had a wonderful time! And the food sounds gorgeous!

    You may have to teach Henry and I how to make some of those beautiful liqueurs. MMmmmmm


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