A Christmas card pretty white Christmas and eating reindeer

This year I went to Sweden to celebrate what was a truly white christmas. It was very cold, the fallen snow was all ice crystals and it was a sparkly and gorgeous, brightening up the whole landscape. <a In Sweden Christmas is a happy gluttonous affair, for anyone who has ever had a smörgåsbord, this is the deluxe … Continue reading

Inspiered food from Ireland

I was so lucky, last week I made my flights to and from Ireland in the cold, only a tiny delay and no snow! It was a great trip, and it started with what sounds like an irresistable recipe for garlic potatoes, hat off for the friendly cab driver! And yes, it is true, they love their potatoes … Continue reading

A wedding, a trip to Sweden and hectic pre Christmas times

Have been quite for a while, life is picking up speed and Christmas seems to be just around the corner! I still have Christmas presents to buy, lots of things to sort out, people to see, Christmas drinks to be had! And in between all of this I did a short weekend in Sweden, covered in … Continue reading