A Christmas card pretty white Christmas and eating reindeer

This year I went to Sweden to celebrate what was a truly white christmas. It was very cold, the fallen snow was all ice crystals and it was a sparkly and gorgeous, brightening up the whole landscape.


In Sweden Christmas is a happy gluttonous affair, for anyone who has ever had a smörgåsbord, this is the deluxe version. Normally it is only restaurants that do the full monty but just about everyone has that something you really love, herring, salmon, seafood, cold cut meats, meatballs, sausages, Jansons temptation and well, just a lot!

In between all of this we went for walks, all wrapped up, went tobogganing and had hot dogs and drank alcoholic mulled wine until the sun set! We went to a Christmas market where I bought the most lovely piece of  cured and very lightly smoked, melt in your mouth reindeer.

Everyone has a ham and it takes centre stage on the table

One of the best Swedish Christmas dinners I have had was at Opera Källaren in Stockholm, http://www.operakallaren.se just amazing and there is guaranteed to be something to excite everyone’s tastes! All eaten in a traditional and beautiful environment! If you are in Sweden November/December time I do recommend it!

Jul på Operakällaren

Christmas day was dedicated to celebrate an “English” Christmas and just realised forgot to make pigs in blankets! Hmm.. a bit late now. I did make a turkey and everyone loved it, we made roast potatoes, vegetables and gravy to go with it. I had made a Christmas jelly of cranberries and spices to go with the turkey and from the American south pickled peaches, very different, a little sharp but nice and added some tartness to the rich food.

With even London having had a bit of a white winter there were some problems with the flights, but we narrowly escaped Sweden with a snow storm arriving and an already cold enviroment went down to -21C!! It is quite blissful to be in a grey foggy London!

Once back it was blissful to eat something else and having some friends over for dinner we went for rib of beef, prepared with a dry rub, gravy, veg cooked with bacon, apple jelly and garlic roast potatoes.

As a starter I made reindeer carpaccio with the cured, smoked reindeer, gorgeous meat, sliced very thinly served with rocket and spinach leaves, grated parmesan, a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of toasted cashew nuts.

The desert was a french chocolate tarte, dense, light lovely! All washed down with large amounts of wine and quite a lot of the liqueurs.

After all this and in anticipation of new years we had a super simple and very tasty dish of mince meat and cabbage. Cut up the cabbage, fry the mince meat, add spices but no salt, soy sauce and the cabbage, cover if you added a lot of cabbage and cook until the cabbage is just tender, if you want to add some creme fraice or cream or just eat, something sweet with it is nice, cranberry sauce or currant jelly.

Soon 2011!!! Happy New Year!

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