Allotment produce for Sunday lunch and cured pork belly for the perfect brunch

I have so many ideas about cooking and so little time. I sometimes wonder if I should take a week off work and just cook. A tempting thought but this would also mean that I would spend the week eating! Last week, amongst all of the mainly healthy foods, I did a slow cooked pork … Continue reading

A light(er) January

Still with a determined mind and all the best intentions most days are soup day. Tomorrow is gym morning and am currently working on a playlist that will inspire me when at the gym! This week I made a soup of carrot, potatoes, sweetcorn and chicken. I did it with chicken stock, added a dash of soy sauce, … Continue reading

Sardinian inspiered every day pasta

A few years ago I went to a Sardinian restaurant for the first time. It was delicious with perfectly cooked pasta and crab meat. I since had it in other Sardinian restaurants and it is always gorgeous, full of crab meat in a rich buttery sauce. With the new year here and January being such a great month to scale … Continue reading

A New Year Celebration in style!

There was a lot of planning of the menu. No theme this time but it was leaning towards indulgent food as we were celebrating a New Year! It was an elaborate menu and a lovely evening! The perfect New Years eve! We started with  canapés, pate, salmon and mozzarella and cherry tomato, washed down with … Continue reading