A New Year Celebration in style!

There was a lot of planning of the menu. No theme this time but it was leaning towards indulgent food as we were celebrating a New Year! It was an elaborate menu and a lovely evening! The perfect New Years eve!

We started with  canapés, pate, salmon and mozzarella and cherry tomato, washed down with cosmos for the ladies and beer for the gents

We continued with champagne and at 6.45 PM dinner was served.

The first course was a trio of birds, truffled chicken lollies with apple jelly, rosemary infused crispy duck and twice lime and salt marinated strips of turkey with an apple chilli dip

We had a break and continued with a smooth asparagus soup served with truffle cream served at 7.20 PM

After the soup we had silky perfectly pan-fried scallops served with crispy strips of parma ham and a gorgeous parsnip puree. Served at 7.45 PM

After this we had some cep tarts, 2 kinds of mushrooms and pancetta on a crispy, dense but light base of puff pastry and a flavoursome caramelised onion creme. Served at 8 PM.

This was followed by Pumpkin ravioli with sage infused beurre noisette, made from thin, delicious home made pasta that had dried around the house throughout the day, served at 8.45 PM

We now moved on from the champagne to white wine and it was time for the for the fish dish. Roasted monkfish with braised shallot and olive crusted potatoes, light and tasty served at 9.15 PM

During the whole meal we were carefully watched by our little friend, just in case something nice would fall of the table!

It was now time to have a bit of a longer break and to start opening the red wine in anticipation of the meats. The first meat course was braised belly of pork in a rich glaze, served with crisp crackling, it went in no time at all! Served at 11 PM

The second and last of the meats was venison, roasted and served with pear and chilli butter and the garlicky potato bake (the recpie an Irish cab driver gave to me), perfect with the lean venison, served at 11.30 PM. As soon as we had finished we headed to see the fire works and to drink more champagne!

We had a log fire and everyone grabbed their drinks and headed out to contemplate the past year, the new year and just to digest the food!

 Still not done we had desert outside, a duo of panacotta, caramel cream and chocolate served with a raspberry couli.

After this we did a brave attempt on the cheese, did some dancing and played a board game, now having moved on to the desert wine and port! Cheese served at 2.50 AM

At 3.35 we had some chocolate and there was no more room for anything else and it was time for bed after a wonderful evening and to wake up to 2011!

Breakfast was impressive, we had warm croissants with butter and apricot jam, fresh-cut fruits, eggs Benedict and fruit and berry smoothies! Also, for some, the life saver Resolve! 🙂

The best start for the new year and now feel ready for the gym and healthy food, saying that had so many left overs just had to have one more bite as it would be a shame to bin it!!

Happy New Food year 2011!

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