A light(er) January

Still with a determined mind and all the best intentions most days are soup day. Tomorrow is gym morning and am currently working on a playlist that will inspire me when at the gym!

This week I made a soup of carrot, potatoes, sweetcorn and chicken. I did it with chicken stock, added a dash of soy sauce, salt and pepper. It worked out great and everything went. I ate it with some dark bread and low-fat cheese, sounds a little boring perhaps but it was quick and hit the spot on a weeknight!

I have also made potato and leek soup with garlic as an added kick. I pickled cucumber in garlic to give it more taste and make it a bit more fun to go with, well pretty much anything. I still can’t wait to make a meatloaf and eat it together with the cucumbers, or with the cucumber on a meatloaf sandwich!

I brought healthier breads and replaced most full fat cheese with low fat, having tried to cut it out completely and failed miserably! In total and with January not over yet at least my clothes fit better and feels better and that is the main thing. I think it is also time to make a new batch of hot sauce, it seems to be going with most things, but my favourite is to mix it with ketchup to make a spicy, tomato sauce, perfect for dipping.

I had friends over for a long Saturday lunch last week. I didn’t want  to serve them “health” food but still keep the healthy edge, I did (very non healthy) pork crackling, but opted for pork loin instead of the belly cut, did a dry rub and served this with baked potatoes and plum sauce, it was English/Asian fusion and I served with a hot and sour, crunchy salad. As a started we had prawns on dark bread. I didn’t make a dessert at all but had cheese and served with lots and lots of fruits! Not quite so healthily it was all washed down with large quantities of red wine and the odd liqueur!

A wonderful Sunday roast chicken and all the trimmings this week did nothing for my waistline but oh so lovely! Little adorable kittens to play with just made it even better besides a lovely host and hostess!

There are lots of things that easily can be done to make food healthier and must just remember to keep it up!

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