Canapés as rugby snacks and beef bulgogi

I have a wonderful new cookbook. I know I do have enough cookbooks having just taken about twenty to charity as I hardly ever read them and there is no more space! However this one did catch my eye with stunning pictures and irrisistable recpies from the Chinese and Thai cuisines. With friends coming over on Saturday … Continue reading

The humble brussel gets a kick

The week was very busy but I had a lovely meeting with a client Friday, we went to the landau at the Langham hotel for lunch and what a lunch! I had salmon with brown shrimp to start, for main rich, melt in your mouth pork and mash so smooth and buttery, washed down with … Continue reading

Weeknight mac&cheese

All of the sudden I had an urge for mac & cheese for dinner. Not too keen on the add-only water I decided to make a low fat and fast version. I went to get some Comté, my favourite cheese, milk, ham and some radishes to munch on whilst cooking. The mac & cheese turned out … Continue reading

Steak Chicago style where even the smallest is large!

I spent most of last week in the windy, snowy but fun city of Chicago! IT was amazing, even in the middle of the winter it is full of life, live music, shops, bars and not to mention eateries. I did manage to cover most of my American favourites, except mac & cheese, there wasn’t … Continue reading