Steak Chicago style where even the smallest is large!

I spent most of last week in the windy, snowy but fun city of Chicago! IT was amazing, even in the middle of the winter it is full of life, live music, shops, bars and not to mention eateries. I did manage to cover most of my American favourites, except mac & cheese, there wasn’t enough time and it is so heavy

I had some kind of healthy idea when I went there (not quite sure why) the salads for example are great, however I did realise why as they are covered in dressing! I love blue cheese dressing on a chicken and bacon salad and lots of it! So I did actually abandon this strategy as am sure it is even more calorific than normal food.

I had a great pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw, one question, why does the close slaw always come in tiny little dishes and there never seems to be enough? It all went down with vast quantities of iced tea (lunch). I did learn that Mid Western pulled pork has another barbecue sauce, a bit thicker and not as sweet as the southern style one, either way it was great!

 No American trip is ever complete without the steak house experience and this was no different. After a day of intense seminar, some equally intense shopping, happy hour G&T’s we all went to Sullivans, a proper American steak house, devoted to red meat in vast quantities, served as close to perfection as it is possible. As part of the starters there was cheese and steak egg rolls, I was very hesitant at first but they were so nice! A small one went a long way and had I known the size of the portions I might have tried to share 1/4 of one of the rolls! There was a salad served after the starters, nothing small and shy here, it was an overflowing main course sized plate just full of Cesar salad, would we like to extra chicken strips with that?! After that it was all about the meat, they did have a few other options available but if you are not in to meat I am sure there are better places to eat! I did stay well away from the 20 Oz of rib eye steak and opted for a humble 8 Oz filet mignon smothered in gorgonzola and garlic butter. This was served with harico verts and a creamy, cheesy potato bake.  I have to say I didn’t get very far with my steak but the part I did eat (almost half) was superb, no potatoes and with about 4 beans in total I was absolutely stuffed!

After all that meat we all went to a jazz club and had some more red wine before heading back to the hotel to look after my “food baby”

I haven’t had any time to cook much since back and the hot water tap in the kitchen is still not working (guess I should call a plumber!) so not too keen on cooking away but am thinking perhaps a mac & cheese tonight, but a lighter version! Fish and seafood coming up this weekend, getting back to healthy and lots and lots of crisp, crunchy and healthy veg!!


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