The humble brussel gets a kick

The week was very busy but I had a lovely meeting with a client Friday, we went to the landau at the Langham hotel for lunch and what a lunch! I had salmon with brown shrimp to start, for main rich, melt in your mouth pork and mash so smooth and buttery, washed down with a wonderful pinot noir and a pear tarte and  French and British artisan cheeses for dessert.

After that lunch I wasn’t even hungry at dinner time but as I was out with friends and it didn’t stop me from eating a  XINXIM – Brazilian lime chicken in a creamy crayfish & peanut sauce with rice, fine green beans, crunchy coconut farofa (toasted manioc flour) to sprinkle & sweet plantain. It was very tasty, especially washed down with some key west cooler cocktails. This was the prefect prelude to Le Sorireé, very entertaining, an incredibly bendy man, trapeze artists, burlesque and some seriously hot men with an amazing sense of balance!

When I woke up Saturday morning it was finally a quiet weekend, well so I thought, almost over and got quite a lot done! But today was slower and finally some time for food! Went to the allotment and picked some wonderful winter veg. Curly kale, little perfectly pointy cabbages, swedes, parsnips, leeks and brussel sprouts. Despite only having had four brussel sprout plants there is so much more than we can eat!

I decided to pickle some of the brussel sprouts in a hot and sour pickling liquid, I might have to taste some soon but ideally they should sit for at least a couple of weeks and if it turns out ok it will be well worth the time it took to trim all the little brussel sprouts. It is such a humble looking vegetable, a perfectly formed mini me to the large cabbage and so much flavour!

It looks pretty and I hope the it will work out and taste as nice as it looks, and if so, perhaps it might convert more people to eating it. I am sure most of us had, at some point been feed over boiled and slightly mushy brussel sprouts that put us off sprouts.


I found a recipe for hommous and thought I should try to make my own, it seemed simple enough but the recipe needs tweak. Not sure what was missing, perhaps a bit more of the flavourings, need to have a think but not bad for a first attempt and the whole bowl went!


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