Canapés as rugby snacks and beef bulgogi

I have a wonderful new cookbook. I know I do have enough cookbooks having just taken about twenty to charity as I hardly ever read them and there is no more space! However this one did catch my eye with stunning pictures and irrisistable recpies from the Chinese and Thai cuisines. With friends coming over on Saturday (updated Sunday with pictures) I thought perfect to test my new recpies on.

England is playing France so we will kick off with some snacks and I can finally satisfy my curiosity for making canapés, I love them! A one bite snack when you get all the flavours and textures in the perfect bite. I thought 3 different kinds might be good – still like to make trios of food

Pork crackling with with dip
Pate on toast with pickled brusselsprout
Garlic prawns on toast

For main, hopefully when everyone is happy after a brilliant England victory *lol* (and yes we won!), Beef Bulgogi served with roast sweet potato, carrot and onion. bok choy with ginger and soy, cauliflower and asparagus. Bulgoi is an asian hot sauce full of garlic and chilli. The beef was perfectly pink and we managed to get through 2 kilos of prime rib eye beef, sliced and dipped in the bulgogi hot sauce. All to be washed down with nice red claret and malbec.


For dessert I am planning caramelised oranges with vanilla cream. If I can find it I will get some ice wine, wine made from frozen grapes with only a drop from each grape, delicious! I did the oranges, found some wonderful blood oranges and it was warming, soothing and fresh after all that beef. I served the oranges hot and the whipped cream melted and it really worked! I didn’t have time to source ice wine, but found out that you can get English pear ice wine and will try and get some for next time!

Perhaps a break after that and then cheese and lots and lots of fruits to aide digestion. I have a  wonderful grappa, normally I don’t like this but this has a softer, rounder more full taste. For cheese I was thinking maybe manchego, camembert and St Agur. Of course chocolates for those who wish as well or maybe we won’t make it past the dessert!

I have thought about the menu, the canapés should be small enough not to ruin the pre dinner apetite, the beef will be made light with all the veg and no heavy carbs, the dessert fruit but sweet enough and the dollop of cream will cater for the richness. The fruit with the cheese will be plentiful to aid digestion. Well, saying this perhaps Sunday should be a soup only day!

It was great fun and I haven’t laughed so much in a long time! We made it through all the foods but chocolates could not even have been contemplated! And that soup idea was so good, but we got some fresh eggs from our friends, such a treat as they are from their own chickens, laid in the past week so the day started with soft boiled eggs and toast, followed by chicken and salad for lunch so no soup in sight but there is always tomorrow!


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