Viva Barcelona! Tapas and a very sexy little toastie!

I am just back from a long weekend in Barcelona. I have never been before and it is an amazing city. A mix of new, funky, traditional, all in one! It is the perfect weekend away place, the only thing is that there are so many things to see, so much to experience, so much food to be eaten and wine to be had a weekend all of a sudden might not be enough!

One night we went to see flamenco, the venue looked slightly tired and dated but once the dancing, singing and guitar playing started it was like magic. The atmosphere changed and the air was charged, heads raised proudly, feet stamping on the stage floor and all that attitude.

In the end it was a weekend of eating and enjoying life. My friends showed me a wonderful food market, the fruits were plentiful, the meats looked irrestable, the seafood so fresh it moved and all I wanted to do was to buy lots and lots and then spend the rest of the day cooking and the evening eating!


So what about the tapas? We had lots of them, I actually have to admit didn't even make it to the paella, but I did see the largest paella dish ever, most likely very handy when you need to cook paella for about 200 people! As it wouldn't fit in my suitcase I didn't get it!
We had lots of different tapas, toasted bread covered with fresh tomato tasted like summer, ripe, jucy olives to munch on whilst waiting for the other tapas, gambas cooked in a completely shamelss amount of garlic tasting wonderful, jamón Iberico everywhere you can imagine cut straight off the bone and served straight away, all amazing and so easily washed down with a few bottles of vino tinto.

But of all the tapas we had, and it was quite a lot there was a toastie that just has to be hailed the toastie of all toasties! A touch of magic made this actually sexy. Small, a base of white bread (crust removed), manchego cheese, iberian ham and the magic ingredient – truffle. I had never in my mind thought about adding truffle to a toastie, or how much it would transform such a humble food to something so amazing! Try it and I hope you will love it as much as we did!

I saw the Gaudi appartements, the architecture of the city but no visit would be complete without a small glimpse of the wonderful, genious and totally wicked Dalí, there is a small museum and I just had to go in. It was manily sketches and photos but his art will always captivate me.

It was a great weekend, cututure, shopping, food, wine, G&T’s mega sized, nightlife and friends, I am coming back!

One Response to “Viva Barcelona! Tapas and a very sexy little toastie!”
  1. celeste cyr says:

    Living large friend! sounds like a wonderful birthday celebration for an amazing woman! xoxo

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