A busy week and hmm… that nettle pesto

I was thinking back about my week from a food perspective and it has been a real mix. I haven’t cooked much lately, it seems that it has been a little stressful but there is always time for food.

I should go as far back as Saturday. The day was just lovely; it started with a visit to the spa, nice and relaxing and followed by a gorgeous lunch. We went to Olivomare, a Sardinian restaurant that simply serves the best pasta in town! We had linguini with truffle and courgette, followed by the most heavenly dessert I have ever tried (and must try to make at home but think it might take a lot of time and effort to get there!). I normally don’t have a sweet tooth but in this case I didn’t even want to share a spoonful! It was chilled nougat cream and I was so happy eating it.

On route home I made it just before the butcher closed and got a wonderful whole chicken. This became a Saturday night roast chicken dinner; I stuffed it with citrus, garlic and herbs, and gave it a coating of sesame oil and cooked it until perfect! It rested for about 20 minutes and was just lovely. I didn’t cook any carbs just a selection of stir fry veg, some from the allotment and ate it with apple jelly and gravy.

Thinking about the week takes me to Monday night, dinner with a colleague I booked a table at Spicemarket. They do a pan Asian cuisine with a refined street food attitude. We had Salt and Pepper Squid with Yuzu Dip and Pickled Chilli, Crab Dumplings Sugar Snap Peas and Aromatic Spices, Hamachi Sashimi, Warm Crunchy Rice Chipotle Emulsion and Spring Onion, Scottish Salmon Tumeric – Peanut Broth Rice Noodles and Herb, Ginger Fried Rice and Red Curried Duck. For dessert Chocolate and Vietnamese Coffee Tart Condensed Milk Ice Cream and Exotic Fruit Plate, Spice Lime Salt, like street food it comes in smaller portions and everything is for sharing. It was innovative and new, some dishes worked better than others but the highlight, and for the second time in a week for a non-dessert person was the exotic fruit plate. This might be a sign that I should start learning the art of making desserts!

In between these amazing meals it was all quite ordinary, I did indulge in a guilty pleasure and had eggs benedict but with the ham exchanged for smoked salmon, very tasty.

This weekend I am away but Friday night is a treat with cooked prawns, no need for much else but nice bread, butter cheese and garlic mayo to dip them in as you peel n’ eat!

About the nettles, I finally had some time last Sunday to go and pick some wild nettles and I have thought for some time it would be interesting to make some nettle pesto. Now once it has been done I have to admit I am not quite sure if it was a hit, I think I am better off waiting for the wild garlic as wild garlic pesto goes with everything and has a superb flavour! I can’t win every time!

One Response to “A busy week and hmm… that nettle pesto”
  1. Karen says:

    Not sure about nettle pesto myself, but I did see someone making nettle pasta on the TV the other day. I may give it a go, it certainly looked interesting.

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