An irresistible rack of lamb and thoughts about fish and seafood

Just a short while ago a butcher opened a shop on the high street. I hadn’t been yet and last Friday I rushed home and made it just in time before they put everything away! Not turning business away they were very patient whilst I was browsing and deciding, adding to my order until I had a big bag of goodies to take home. It is not just a butcher but also a deli so plenty to choose from! If you ever are around do pop in, the selection is wonderful.
Along with the lamb I also got some sausage and bacon for a Saturday brunch. A bit of cheese did also find its way in to my bag!

I wanted to do something special with the lamb so I did a crust of toasted cashew nuts and spices.

The lamb was sealed in the pan and finished it in the oven. I served it with salt roast baby new potatoes, mushrooms and woked cabbage. I didn’t want the meal to be too heavy so I didn’t make a sauce but had bramley apple and red wine jelly with it, the perfect ending to a long week!

There is another butcher not too far away just by Hampton Court that is also excellent, their pork belly it always outstanding and this is part of my secret to all that crackling. I didn’t cook any crackling this time but the Sunday roast was pork belly. I cooked it with lemon and rosemary and served it with lots of veg.

For the weekend coming I am looking forward to going to the fishmongers and depending on what they have, perhaps a seafood platter served with bread, cheese and lots of wine! Perhaps a crab and chilli linguini or if they have fresh seabass or cod…

I did go to Sweden quickly just a couple of weekends ago and had one of my favourites, eat and peel prawns, just as predicted. It is the perfect food and when you don’t need to make any fuss and it is so good!


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