Rhubarb glazed gammon joint and the first wild garlic of the year!

Last weekend I wanted something different for the Sunday roast so I picked up a gammon joint for roasting. As it is so salty I thought something sour but sweet would be nice. It usually goes very well with orange but I picked the first rhubarb of the year and wanted to incorporate it with the gammon. So I made a glaze and added only pepper to the joint, I basted the meat throughout the roasting and then once more before letting it rest to get as much flavour in there as possible.

I had spent the day at the allotment and there is a lot to pick. I picked some lovely parsnips, a broccoli that was planted before the winter to make greens, I used the leaves as well and put a tiny bit of sesame oil in the cooking and it was very nice. Especially with the potato and parsnip mash!

There is still curly kale growing but it might not last too long. Beetroots seeds, cabbage and brussel sprout plants went in and I even had a tiny asparagus coming up! The parsley has been growing all through the winter and looks stronger than ever. Unless we are hit by a late frost I think it will be a wonderful growing year.

During a Sunday walk I also found the first wild garlic of the year! The smell is so distinct, it was still a little early but I managed to pick a little. I was tempted to steam it and just melt a knob of butter over it and eat but I made pesto and it is one of my absolute favourites! Just boil pasta to perfection, add the wild garlic pesto and some butter, salt and maybe a twist of the pepper mill and enjoy!


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