The first barbecue of the year and allotment time

It was a lovely weekend, finally warm again and it was time for the first barbecue of the year!
I had some friends over and we decided to make a mini meat feast. We bought pork, lamb, chicken, bacon (if you haven’t barbecued bacon I recommend it!) and sausages from my local butcher. For the most likely first time we didn’t buy too much! Or perhaps we were a bit greedy but ate it all.

We made different marinades, using fresh herbs from the allotment. To go with the meat we made a potato salad, a veg and feta salad and I also did a side salad with the salted lemons, perfect with barbecued meat. The first barbecue of the year is always one of the best and this one was great.

Everything is growing brilliantly at the allotment, the herbs are all looking very healthy and the parsley we have been waiting for has miraculously flourished through the winter and there is plenty to pick! There are still some leeks and for the first time there are quite a lot of asparagus, we picked our very first ones and ate, needless to say it was yummy.

We also picked some print parsnips that are still small but packed with flavour! The rhubarb looks amazing and I made rhubarb and ginger sweets, there was also enough for a dessert and lots more to pick!

Last week I went to a new restaurant, Watasumi by Trafalgar square. Head chef Peter Makohus has created food that is an experience and whatever you order if you go there, don’t miss the crispy squid! I will go back again and for sure go for the squid! So good it had to be mentioned!

All in all it was a good week, barbecue, a great new restaurant and an allotment that promises for lots of produce!

2 Responses to “The first barbecue of the year and allotment time”
  1. Camilla says:

    Jag var där!!! Och det var väldigt mumsigt!!! kram C

  2. lina says:

    Haha petra pretra petra!!! Man blir helt varm när man hittat hit och så möts man av mat i mängder! super!!

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