Eating out and finally time for cooking

Sometimes I wonder if someone decided to turn up the tempo! Life is rushing past. I haven’t cooked much lately, a bit of travel but also some work being done at home. This means dust everywhere so not even worth trying to cook, not to mention that everything is packed away in boxes!

However this has not stopped me from eating well. The past week has been jam packed with lunches and dinners.
I won’t go through all of them but I had, most likely the best chicken ever at les Deux Salons in Convent Garden, I had perfectly cooked Wild Salmon at The Giaconda Dining Room and the most spectacular dinner at Watasumi, added to my list of favourite restaurants!
Watasumi is Japaneese food with an innovative twist, if you go please don’t miss the crispy baby squid, everything here is exquisite but the baby squid on top of the list and close second if the Waguy beef, it just melts in your month! To go with the food we had Pinot Noir, Trinity Hill, smooth as silk!

Today was the first day in a long time when I had time to cook. I went to see my local butcher, tomorrow am making confit of pork belly but I bought chicken legs for a barbecue for today. I marinated them in lemon and herbs and served them with grilled sweetcorn, a potatoe and a broadbean and ham bake, very nice!

I also had time to tend to the ever growing veg at the allotment

And the lovely herbs

It was time to harvest the broadbeans and like every year it makes you appreciate shelled broadbeans at restaurants! It must have been 3 hours of shelling them, the outer and inner shells but once put in a broadbean and and with ham bake it was all worth it!

Tomorrow is time to head to Twickenham and the Sevens, am hoping for sunsine, great rugby, beer and some crap food! Chill out time at last!

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