Sundays are made for….

A long brunch, fresh juice, crispy bacon, cheese, toast, freshly baked bread, a little veg, some fruit and a cup of tea. This is the way to start a Sunday. And this Sunday was no exception. Not unlike other Sundays when I have time for such brunch I have a mini food coma after wards and have to have a nap! It doesn’t get more luxurious than this!

Once recovered it was time to head to Twickenham and the sevens, arriving a couple of hours after it started we were very behind in terms of drinking. Seats were in the middle of a big group of happy drunken rugby fans. The best game was the All Blacks vs Fiji, always entertaining!

This morning before the brunch I took the pork belly I bought yesterday and put it on the oven to slow cook all day; it breaks down the fat and makes the meat very soft and tender. Once cooked, I did the crackling and served with garlic mash, creamed broad beans and a salad. This was so much better than the last pork belly I cooked, this recipe is a keeper!

Perhaps now and after an early night I am ready for the week ahead, no less than last week of things to be done, meetings to be had, decisions to make but as am on the road no food to be cooked, but after this lovely sunday I feel more ready!

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