A Gin Discovery, BBQ, that Roast and a gorgeous Italian

Not quite sure where time has gone lately never enough updates but plenty of foods and finally time for some cooking!
Last week when in Stockholm one of my colleagues gave me a tip for a simply gorgeous Italian restaurant that had me wolfing down pasta like there is no tomorrow, I will have to go back and bet that the carbonara is just to die for! It is called Italiano Papas and well worth a visit!
I also made a wonderful discovery of a new Gin, it is named Saffron Gin, golden saffron coloured with just a hint of saffron, perfect mixed with some tonic, no need for anything else but some ice. It was in fact so wonderful I managed to drink the bar dry and had to move on to another Gin!

Yesterday was BBQ time, with an eye on the weather we were so happy when the sun finally came out and decided to join us! It so easily could have started to rain! We started to prep early with a Greek salad, potato salad, a green salad with slow roast tomatoes, chopped up fruits, rhubarb and apple crumble. The meats to be marinated, sausages, lamb chops, ribs, chicken, burgers… yes we cooked way too much! But then that is what it is all about! It got even better as the potato salad was Lisa’s – the best ever.

At the allotment it is all growing, the first lot of broad beans have already been picked and this weekend was time for the gooseberries. I picked lots and made gooseberry chutney and some gooseberry sweets, there might be some gooseberry panacotta as well, who knows!

There was also a lunch at Lux, a true luxury and the food is never less than perfect! They take everyday ingredients and makes then in to something wonderful. I ate pan fried herring with boiled new potatoes, so simple and so lovely.

I went to the butcher and there was a rib eye steak, looking so lovely, just had to buy it and cook a roast on bank holiday Monday. To go with it I cooked whole shallot onions from the allotment, broad beans, picked this weekend and greens. There is spinach, chard and some wonderful Italian green, I picked some of all of them and cooked with some chorizo, there wasn’t even room for dessert afterwards!

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