Jams, post brunch and low carb dinners

The brunch turned out very lovely. See previous blog post. The pork belly was so tender it melted on the tongue, the salt, the sweet, the soft meat went down very well! I also, and last minute thought I had not made enough food and added prawns with dill and garlic, also perfect on toast! … Continue reading

Banana jam thoughts

A friend of mine went on holiday (to gourmet country France) and came home having had banana jam. I have never even heard of it before, did some research and found out that lots of people make it. However I did decide to not read any of the recipes and simply try to make it … Continue reading

A brunch invitation

I love brunch, this time I have invited friends over for brunch food, at lunch time! It could be a lunch but I have included elements of breakfast as well to make it a bit lighter. The idea is to have a selection of foods, at least a few things for everyone. As I can … Continue reading