A brunch invitation

I love brunch, this time I have invited friends over for brunch food, at lunch time! It could be a lunch but I have included elements of breakfast as well to make it a bit lighter.

The idea is to have a selection of foods, at least a few things for everyone. As I can make many small things I got completely carried away at first and have finally scaled down the menu, I won’t even have loads of time to cook it so best keep it fairly simple!

Here are my thoughts, no pictured this time, they will, I am sure come in the next update.

Pork belly, cured and poached to bring out the sweetness of the pork, add some saltiness and make it super tender, served with pan fried potato, home grown and pickled beets with a fried egg on top. The yolk should then be runny and add that delicate egg flavour and the richness from the yolk.

Creamy yoghurt with cherry jam (will make this) and coconut praline, I test made the praline not long ago and think it will add a nice crunchiness.

I bought truffle salami at Borough market, way too expensive but just delicious, simply served on a cutting board so everyone can cut their own piece(es) and just enjoy.

Freshly baked bread, from the baker as I normally never bake, I love to cook foods but at any baking attempt the kitchen seems to be covered with flour, myself included. I have made blackcurrant jam that I am sure will go well with the bread. I also got carried away picking strawberries and made chilli and herb infused strawberry jam but I wonder if there was slightly too much rain as they did taste ever so slightly watery, not sure it came out as tasty as I would have hoped but will test this on my friends and see what they say!

The beetroots are ready at the allotment so will make a beetroot and feta salad, I also have some wonderful lambs lettuce so go with that and was thinking a nice balsamic dressing to go with it.

I had lots of thoughts about other salads but think it might be too much; however no meal is complete without cheese so a cheeseboard and a fruit plate to finish it off should do the trick. I did think about grilled, or griddled fruits, pineapple is wonderful served like that, and I just read an recipe on a warm grape salad, it sounded very nice but have never tried it, perhaps now is the time, I will have to have a think about it. I had fruit salad served with lime, salt and sugar in a restaurant and it was very nice, so many options!

All to be washed down with plenty of wine, beers and juice and the most important ingredient will be hungry friends!

All this is not until the weekend and today it was a simple dinner with artichokes dipped in lemon and garlic butter, crispy bacon and garlic bread, simple, quick and perfect on a weeknight.

One Response to “A brunch invitation”
  1. Lisa says:

    Well, I am one of the lucky, hungry friends and can’t wait for Sunday! Lx

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