Jams, post brunch and low carb dinners

The brunch turned out very lovely. See previous blog post. The pork belly was so tender it melted on the tongue, the salt, the sweet, the soft meat went down very well! I also, and last minute thought I had not made enough food and added prawns with dill and garlic, also perfect on toast!

Cherry jam and yoghurt was much appreciated, I got the cherries the day before, cursing myself for committing to making the jam late at night but it did turn out very nice! I liked it so much I got some from a pick yourself farm, the only bad thing is that they were very expensive, but organic and very tasty.
I had also made strawberry jam, infused with chilli and herbs, perfect on toast! We had so much food didn’t even get to taste the gooseberry jam.
Speaking of jam I picked the first large, sweet and ripe blackberries this past weekend. I didn’t know that there were some ripe already but I picked loads. Of course I had to make some jam but I also set some liqueur that should be lovely and warming on cold winter nights!

Everything is growing at the allotment and I can’t seem to cook all of it at the same pace it is growing! I did stuffed marrow for dinner, roast marrow and what else, marrow jam is cooking away in my kitchen tonight! If it turns out nice there will be much more to come! I spoke to a friend who said he eats toast with jam every day, I think perhaps I should run this jam past him for some input! I just tried it and it might be this year’s favourite! One thing that will never be a favourite is the banana jam, I was simply just reminded that I do not like bananas even in the shape of jam .

I picked up a watermelon and will pickle some water melon rind, have never tried it before so can’t wait to see how it turns out.
I spoke to a friend who already is getting excited about Christmas! I laughed at her but it was her turn to laugh when I bought peaches to pickle to go with the Christmas turkey! I guess we are both as bad as each other.
Speaking of pickles I have pickled beetroots and artichoke, a great way of preserving, am ready as bought a very large amount of vinegar and have topped up on spices already. We will have plenty of food to last us all winter long.

The savoy cabbage is perfect right now and I decided to make salmon with prawn salad and lots of allotment veg, including savoy cabbage in chunky wedges, a perfect low carbs dinner, as is the stuffed marrow, make a ragu, sprinkle over some grated cheese and put in a pre baked marrow, cook in oven for an additional 20-30 minutes and enjoy!

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