What we should all do an evening like this…

I can’t believe I am saying this but Londoners seems to be bracing themselves for the fourth night in a row of rioting. Pointless violence, destruction and looting, it feels uneasy to be a fellow human. This is a blog about food and not politics but there is a time when things have to be mentioned. We all know that in the end we will all have to pay for it and the bill will be hefty in already stretched times.

What are these youth missing? Why are they doing this? It seems the main drive is old fashioned greed and that is very sad. The police went out last night and asked parents to see where their children are, tonight I suggest a family dinner, put the mobile devices aside, turn off the TV and talk. It doesn’t matter if it is take away dinners, dinner from a tin or freezer, just take the time for each other

In an ideal world…

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