A travelling friend and a whole lot of jams!

I am not sure why but lately every week seems to whizz past at the speed of light! It is good as I seem to get loads done every day but never quite enough… This week was no exception but I had a lovely chicken fajita dinner at a friend’s house, just perfect after a busy day, feet up and just to tuck in to that gorgeous chicken! Thank you!

The weekend came fast and it was fun as had a friend over from Sweden, like me a foodie so a lot of food talks and some cooking but not much. She didn’t stay long but there was time for a Saturday dinner. We did a trip to the Robson the butcher and got a shoulder of new season lamb. I cooked it on low heat, on the bone for a long time. It was studded with garlic and rosemary and the meat itself had so much flavour we didn’t need much else. I served it with marrow and beans, roast butternut squash (the allotment is full of them!), onion marmalade and pineapple chutney.

All the onions at the allotment were ready and we had a full large basket so most was strung up in bunches to dry but I took some and made onion marmalade. I liked it so much I made loads more and now the whole of the kitchen is filling up for real with filled jars.

There is a purpose to the madness of making so much but one of the best things is that I think I have experimented enough to make the perfect marrow jam! Yesterday, talking to my friend and catching up on life we prepped strawberries, marrow and onion for today’s cooking. On my counter cooling I have strawberry jam, marrow jam, onion marmalade and pickled peaches to go with the Christmas turkey, there is nothing like planning ahead!

I also had a big clear out and got rid of the banana jam, it looks like baby barf, I did have some vague plans of making banana cake but as I am not really in to baking, or eating bananas I thought it will most likely never happen! Saying that maybe one day I will do another try!

Today’s dinner was cold cut of lamb, maybe even more flavourful today! I served it with more roast butternut squash, onion marmalade and a goat’s cheese sauce flavoured with garlic and lemon, perfect on a lazy Sunday!

One Response to “A travelling friend and a whole lot of jams!”
  1. jess says:

    Man – you’re setting a high bar for this weekend! 😉
    Looking forward to having you guys down in the country.


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