Finally time for the first lovely sweetcorn of the season and a week of food

I have to admit every year that we grow sweetcorn is one of my absolute favourites! This year has been amazing, the plants are so strong and so many coming! It is not possible to even compare how lovely it tastes when it is picked and cooked straight away. It is sweet and tender, I even forgot all about my quest to find the perfect recipe for corn cake. Still have an idea of how it should be made, just need to take the recipe for a test run.

There are still artichokes coming, with their nutty flavour it is hard to resist them just boiled, eaten with butter and salt, a small piece of heaven on a plate!

One night this week I had such a strong urge for a home cooked meal. With quite a few options for take aways and restaurants on the doorstep nothing but home cooked would hit the spot. As I didn’t have much food at home I got some pork shops and potatoes for mash, a totally homey feeling!

Saturday was dedicated to the girlies, a baby shower on beautiful Marylebone high street. I had a lovely BLT, not too fond of carbs I did have to hold back not to eat all the bread! I also fell in love with the sausages for sale in the Natural Kitchen; I bought chicken with wild mushroom and garlic sausages that were just a treat! I did roast veg and halumi cheese to go with it. To make it something extra I stopped by the vegetable mongers and got some beautiful tomatoes and made ketchup to go with the dinner – delicious! I have to say I loved the ketchup but perhaps even better was the pear butter I made, the vegetable mongers had conference pears as well and I got a few and made pear butter, smooth and lovely with just a hint of spice!

Sunday was dedicated to meeting a friend at the pub for a gorgeous pint – I could easily have stayed all afternoon but went home to make lasagne with some yummy savoy cabbage. Warm and comforting to end the week with! Next weekend is bank holiday weekend so nice and long, am hoping for lovely sunshine and lots of chill out time!


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