Bank holiday fruits

A short update – went to stay with friends in Sussex and had a lovely time! Ate way too much, breakfast from Dave’s Caf yum! Managed to help myself to some gorgeous looking little apples (to become jelly), a truly delicate flavour and can’t decide what to match it with in terms of flavour, to be continued!

I also found a wonderful farm selling fruits, slammed the breaks and ran in (running late) and bought some pears and plums. The plums have been made in to plum jam already but not enough time to take care of the pears just yet but have some nice plans for them.

Next weekend will be apple picking time and will make a slow roast for dinner with lots of allotment veg, maybe slow roast meat and a veg curry, will have to have a think about it. Either way a nice cooking week and weekend ahead, with a new order for jars feel like I am ready!


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