Cured, slow roast pork belly – melt in your mouth soft and that crackling!

It has been another long week, Sunday night and now is time to have a think back. Last weekend was so lovely, Sussex is so green and so many flowers in bloom!

This weekend was spent at home, the weather turned at the end of the week so perfect weather for a picnic! The allotment is overflowing with butternut squash. I love it but there are so many and am trying to keep up! I did a spicy soup last week and for the picnic I did a roast butternut squash and spicy chorizo quiche with a spicy ketchup. We also had fruits, cheese and crackers. It was a lovely day and the first (and the last?) picnic of the year!

The weather forecast for Sunday was colder and rain so I thought a slow roast would be lovely. After much deliberation with the butcher I finally settled for belly of pork, it is one of my favourite cuts. I cured it and slow roasted it. It made the meat so soft , I could actually taste all the curing spices and the crackling was such a treat!
Strangely enough I also had a craving for a vegetable curry so I did one to go with the belly of pork. I did one with roast butternut squash and chick peas and it did work! I picked a beetroot and a turnip at the allotment, I mashed the turnip and did a beetroot and salad onion salad, very nice as a balance to the curry and the rich meat.

I have also had time to make some produce; I have refined the pear butter, to be re-named, watch this space! I did an apple jelly from those gorgeous little Sussex apples, and I got some plums from the vegetable monger, they looked amazing and they were made in to very nice plum jam! I was running low on the hot sauce so it was time to make some more, this time it was amazing, it doesn’t taste hot at all at first and it just creeps up on you and your mouth is on fire, just brilliant. It makes me smile every time I try it!

2 Responses to “Cured, slow roast pork belly – melt in your mouth soft and that crackling!”
  1. magda says:

    That’s it, I am hooked on the hot sauce now. I have already consumed 1/3 of the bottle. The best with soft cheese as a dip, yum!
    The plum jam is my personal favourite: so much flavour and so delicate at the same time. Fantastic with the Polish white cheese.
    Great creations, well done!:)

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