Liqueur to keep warm on cold winter nights

I didn’t have any time to cook this week until today but I did go to Watasumi for dinner with my friends Thursday. I have been there a few times and every time I find something new that wows me! If you are ever near Trafalgar square in London, make time for this place, to come here and eat is an event.
We had spicy edamame, calamari, tempura baby prawns with spicy mayo, grilled salmon and rice – all washed down with gorgeous wine, had such a lovely time and the lychee liqueur was the perfect ending to a great girlie evening!

I spent today foraging, I found some gorgeous apples, sloes and rosehips. I will make apple jelly – it was my favourite last year and will see if I can make it happen again!
I made some jelly from the little apples I picked a few weekends ago, they were the cutest little apples and the jelly looks amazing.

The sloes were ripe and ready and I am looking forward to some sloe gin! There were not masses and no need to make any jams from the berries – this is all about keeping warm in the cold!

I also picked some rosehip, the rain started pouring down so I didn’t pick so many but I will be back next weekend to get some more! Rosehip jelly to come and last year I did a rosehip liqueur. It is too sweet on its own but when eaten with stilton cheese it is just amazing!

I love foraging and this year is amazing in terms of berries and fruit.

I made jam from the last marrow, really wish I had grown more but there is so much else to be done. The kitchen counter is full of produce and will start getting the feedback on the various things for next year.

I didn’t quite know what to make for dinner as spent most of the day foraging and then making jam and chutney so needed something quite fast. The butternut squashes keep coming so decided to make mash and ate it with polenta crusted chicken fillets. To break up the sweetness with the mash I served it with blackcurrant jelly that has just that tartness and added richness!

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